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Are you looking to relocate or expand your business in California and need some guidance on where to start? Click on the following tabs to learn about different resources and requirements to help your business grow in California.

It is important to consider several factors when deciding on the location of your business, including ease of access, proximity to competitors and potential partners, and zoning and signage regulations.

You can use the California Business Portal Mapping Tool to help decide where to locate and to learn about business assistance programs, workforce development organizations, entrepreneurship support, and regulatory boundaries located across the state.

In addition, the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) provides comprehensive confidential site selection services tailored to meet the needs of individual companies and consultants. As a part of this service, GO-Biz will analyze the factors affecting a company’s investment decision including taxes, human resources, training and workforce development, incentives, financing, utilities, permits, and specific real estate opportunities available in the state.

GO-Biz serves as a company's liaison to California's regulatory agencies and local governments throughout the state.

If your company is looking to relocate or expand in California, please complete an online confidential Site Selection Worksheet and Contact GO-Biz.
If your business is relocating or expanding (selecting another location) in California, you will need to update records and register with the necessary local, state and federal government agencies. You can use the Relocate & Expand A Business Sections of the Business Navigator Tool, and can also use our Business Relocation Checklist as a guide to determine what entities you will need to change records with. 

California is the most popular US location for international companies and attracts more foreign direct investment than any other state. The state has one of the largest concentrations of international banks, foreign consulates, and bi-national chambers of commerce in the United States.  California welcomes all form of foreign investment, from entrepreneurial ventures to major manufacturing or distribution facilities, and from real estate investment to major private equity or other financing.

Businesses in California have access to a variety of programs to help them expand internationally, including export financing opportunities, investor visa programs, and business showcase opportunities. Learn More

Businesses in California have access to a highly-skilled workforce, thanks to the state’s world-class universities, community colleges, and workforce training providers. The state offers incentives to encourage hiring, and businesses must also be mindful of responsibilities for administering employees, including business registration filings, wage and hour laws, workers compensation insurance requirements and health care responsibilities. Learn More

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